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Aleutian mink disease diagnostics
Certified production of two types of tests (CIEP- and ELISA-based), which allow detection of antibodies specific for the AMDV (viral plasmacytosis) in the blood of minks. Custom services and troubleshooting the procedures/reactions for viral plasmacytosis detection. In-house ELISA testing of blood samples for AMDV-specific antibodies.

Molecular cloning
Various genetic engineering and molecular biology projects. PCR, cloning into your vector of choice, sequencing, plasmid DNA (mkg-mg range) purification.

Recombinant protein expression and purification
Protein expression in pro- and eukaryotic systems, affinity isolation and HPLC purification. Comprehensive service in cDNA library construction, which includes RNA isolation and library amplification.

Monoclonal antibody services
Recombinant antigen production, immunization of mice. Fusion of splenocytes from the immunized animals with murine myeloma cells. Selection and monocloning of hybridomas secreting antigen-specific antibodies. Monoclonal antibody production in cell culture and in mouse ascites fluid. Purification of the antibodies followed by ELISA, Western-blot, and ICH analyses.

Eukaryotic cell sorting
High-throughput and high-purity (up to 99.9%) FACS. Use of up to 6 fluorescence channels; cell sorting into vials, various cell culture plate formats, single-cell sorting into 96-well PCR plates. Single-cell sorting into individual wells of cell culture plates for cell cloning. Optional index sorting. Full range of services for sample preparation from solid tissues and blood prior to cell sorting.

Flow cytometry
Multi-color flow cytometry analysis with parallel detection in up to 6 fluorescence channels. Rare cell population analysis, studies of the cell cycle, apoptosis, etc. Design of custom panels of antibody reagents for multicolor FACS, calculating compensation levels, and assistance with data interpretation.

Cell line engineering
Transgenic or genome-edited cell lines. Random or site-specific integration of custom DNA constructs into the genome. Cell lines showing uniform or heterogeneous expression of the gene of interest. Verification of transgene integration by sequencing and Western-blot/FACS.